Saturday, 9 August 2014

Top 5 Best Tattoos on Wrist

5.Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos
 Keep your faith at hand with a wrist tattoo depiction of the cross. You can also wear more of a jewelry style tattoo and wear a rosary design instead. More information about the most popular types of cross tattoos can be found here. Bear in mind there are several cross styles. From gothic inspired crosses to a simple depiction, find one that expresses your spirit or faith. 

4.Name and Word Tattoos

Name and Word Tattoos

Name tattoos make a likely memorial design in the inner wrist where you can constantly remind yourself of someone you love dearly. You can really get creative with name tattoos and work in astrological or zodiac symbols into the design or use both wrists for a design that comes together when your wrists are connected. Rather than just tattooing names, consider words and handwriting to create body art that's personalized and custom. Use the handwriting of your loved one and have your artist tattoo it for eternity. Perhaps it's an I love you" note? The ideas are endless!



Express your freedom with a bird tattoo on your inner wrist. From a small single sparrow to a flock in a simple black and grey design, bird tattoos have many meanings. Consider a cage on one wrist and a bird on the other as shown in this design to signifying flying the nest. Popular birds include crows, blackbirds and sparrow tattoos. For something more interesting, consider a red cardinal or a tropical feathered species.

2. Compasses


Throw down your anchor or find your way with a compass at your wrist. Long meaning a form of stability, anchors were at once a very discreet representation of Christianity. Anchor tattoos are a very popular old school design and also work well with a pin-up theme. For more travel inspired ideas, consider the compass, which will always point you in the right direction. Perhaps leading to a North Star tattoos? The sky is the limit!

1.Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Place positive affirmations right where you can see them for daily inspiration and guidance. From single sayings like be grateful to words such as present, love or faith, little affirmations can pack plenty of meaning and significance in a small wrist tattoo.


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